Rohan Sharma

Stories and conversations are the subjects which have kept the human mind engaged perpetually, no matter if its Quantum physics or business world, Stories and anecdotes are the finest engagers especially in the world obsessed with engagement.

As an information freak, I focus on playing with words in order to make even a mundane topic conversational and intriguing. I am working on learning to unlearn the traditional knowledge, to provide a meaningful output to my clients with a wider perspective in today’s dynamic environment.



Giving shape to your ideas into the compelling content copy. I write insightful content turning raw research into conversational content for the end reader. I believe in providing maximum accountability for my work to my clients.


A half baked cake can be a big-time bummer but it can be fixed by a baker who loves baking likewise I can fix your half baked content to your desired content. I will use your data and your feedback in order to restructure your content and improve its readability.


You will get the equalling compelling copy here also but without my name

Rohan has delivered me with excellent pieces of work which have resulted in a deep sense of trust with him. The best part of working with him is his ability to comprehend our given ideas.
Rakesh joshi
Founder, Grapple Advertising


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